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Book Launch Party – Advice and Ideas

The Book Launch Event   In the same way that we bring our experience to writing, we bring our experience to launching a book. I hope to give you some ideas that might help you launch your baby. The book,

Writing Tip – Metaphors and Similes

We are Okay

Metaphors and Similes Metaphors  A good metaphor makes my mind leap, flies me over a landscape, then, sets me down in a soft landing. Metaphors take “show-don’t-tell” to a higher level. Consider Nina LaCour’s “We Are Okay” (Dutton 2017) (winner

Writing Tip #1 Show-Don’t-Tell

File box

Writing Tips Show-Don’t Tell By Patricia Hruby Powell Show-Don’t-Tell is a writer’s adage and a technique that allows readers to experience a text through their senses and emotions—which is how most of us want to experience text. We want to

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