Frog Brings Rain

Patricia’s new picture book – bilingual in Navajo and English

Frog Brings RainPublished by Salina Bookshelf; illustrated by Kendrick Benally.

A Curriculum Guide to be used with Frog Brings Rain (Word document)

Release date: March 2006.

“In this traditional Navajo tale, a burning branch sets the mountaintop on fire, which threatens the village of the First People. First Woman asks the Bird People, to help by carrying a jug of water, and, finally, a small gray bird agrees but ends up scorching her breast; she becomes Robin Redbreast. First Man asks the Insects and then the bear, lion, and wolf. All say no. First Woman asks the Water People — a snail, a beaver, an otter, and a muskrat. None will help, including Turtle. Finally, she discovers Frog. After soaking his spongelike coat with water, Crane carries him to the mountain to douse the fire, creating black mist on the north side of the mountain, blue mist on the south, white on the east, and yellow on the west. In gratitude, First Woman gives Crane the name “Rainbird” and Frog the power to “call the rain.” This story, written in both English and Navajo, is vibrantly illustrated with neon-colored, folk-inspired art on vivid backgrounds.”

– School Library Journal, July 2006

“This is a delightful retelling from the Navajo tradition explaining how rain came to earth with the help of Crane and Frog. As a reward for their work they are given roles in nature that remain today. Thick glossy pages in vibrantly glowing colors echo the richness of the retelling…This story, not easily found elsewhere, is a solid purchase…”

– Kirkus Review, March 1, 2006

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