Patricia Hruby Powell with Lil

I used to be a dancer who sometimes spoke in my dances…

…then I became a storyteller who sometimes danced in my stories. Now I’m a writer who still dances and tells stories.

“Now Introducing the Sensational Josephine Baker” Wall Street Journal review of Josephine.
When I present Josephine: The Dazzling Life of Josephine Baker in schools I want to dance and teach the Charleston, Josephine’s dance.

Josephine-Chronicle-cove402Click here for a trailer of Josephine created by Josephine’s illustrator, the fabulous Christian Robinson.

Click here to see me dance “Duet.”

I lead a pretty idyllic life in Champaign, IL, with my husband, Morgan Powell, jazz trombonist, and our Tree Walker Hound, Lil. That’s Lil in the photo of course. That’s Morgan’s band, the Traditional Jazz Orchestra playing Weary Blues for the trailer. Yahoo.